Developing The First HR Agency Powered by Artificial Intelligence
Jobi.AI is the first HR agency powered by artificial intelligence Finding talent starts with sourcing potential candidates and building a pipeline. But even if you know where to find those potential candidates this can be quite a challenging this is where Jobi.AI artificial Intelligence comes in
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Our Technology
Changing the entire recruiting industry
Using jobi we create a virtual DNA for your company
Graduated from University
Graduated from College
Worked in enterprise before
Worked in Start-up before
Been an executive before
DNA Matching
Jobi's artificial intelligence will check not only if the candidate skills are matching the job qualification but also to your company DNA
Big Data
Jobi use Big Data in order to analyze 80+ parameters to match potential candidates to your company
Scoring Algorithem
Jobi use scoring algorithem to provide insight about the efficiency of the recruiting process in your company
Reporting & Hiring Tracking platform
Jobi provide to all clients a dashboard to track and analyze the candidates status or past hire
Our Company
Jobi vision is to enable to consistently find the best candidates for our clients. Our expert team has extensive and diverse professional experience backed by knowledge about the unique nature and intricate demands of any specific industry allow us to leverage an extensive network of relevant contacts combined with in house technology. We add value to the candidates with whom we work, accompanying them throughout the recruitment process with complete transparency, fairness, and professionalism. Jobi assists candidates in fulfilling their professional dreams and aspirations – fulfilling ours in the process. We are all partners in the journey… and success.
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Team Of Professionals
Niv Yehudai
Chief Executive Officer
Matan Cohen
Dr.Israel Basch
Member Board of Directors & GDPR
General Data Protection Regulation
Apetab is committed to the confidentiality, data privacy and security of its customers and their end-users. We are and will continue to invest extensive resources towards maintaining the highest levels of data protection, privacy and security standards. We are compliant with applicable laws and regulations, and are committed to our ongoing compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and related guidelines.
Processing Personal Data base on approved candidates only
jobi will allow its customers to rectify any errors or misapplications in onboarded data with new CRM data pushed by the controller.
Processing Personal Data- Purpose Limitation
jobi only collects data which may be used to analyze user behavior,company DNA and to provide personalized experiences.
Storage limitation
jobi does not store any data unnecessarily and expects its controllers to refrain from onboarding data which is unnecessary for personalization purposes
Smart Internal Process
jobi built an internal process to oversees our privacy compliance and development program.